Our core values were proposed and written by our team in 2010, with the goal of identifying what characteristics made us successful—and what will help us continue to be successful as our company grows.

Be an excellent communicator.

Communicate clearly and concisely. Listen to others, be fully present in conversations. Be honest and say what you believe. Create a dialogue: ask questions and answer questions directly.

Exceed the expectations of our customers and your colleagues.

Provide outstanding customer service, internally and externally. Be meticulous in execution, no matter how small the task. Follow through.

Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable.

Talk and act like an owner: bring up issues and propose solutions. Be dependable, conscientious, and empathetic. Ensure your intentions are in the best interests of kCura and our customers. Be on time for everything.

Be humble and stay hungry.

Don’t be arrogant. Give and receive direct, constructive, respectful feedback. Own your own improvement: be honest about mistakes and learn from them. Own your career: initiate development goals and conversations about new opportunities.

Enjoy and be great at your job.

Take pride in doing great work and recognize wins. Do it because you love it. Be yourself. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Embrace the talents of your colleagues and our customers.

Foster teamwork and collaboration across departments and with customers. Contribute your point of view to help make the best decision, and actively support what’s decided. Recognize others’ strengths and ask for help when needed.

Do more with less.

Be resourceful and efficient. Commit to constant process improvement. Never lose a sense of urgency. Use everyone’s time effectively. Make meetings productive: set desired outcomes and assign owners for next actions.

“Being great at your job means attacking the tough problems in technology and our industry with enthusiasm, and getting satisfaction from making life better for our customers.”

DAN WELLS, Product Development

“Our colleagues and clients are intelligent—we can learn from them by asking questions and digging a little deeper into the “how and why” of our software and industry, as everyone brings something different to the table.”

DANIELLE URBAN, Client Services

“We always have our team members in mind at kCura. We treat each other like internal clients, going above and beyond when delivering on any request. These gestures of thanks show our genuine appreciation for one another.”