Meet the Team

Andrew Sieja

President and Chief Executive Officer

Fun Facts
  • Loves to snowboard
  • Once worked in an airport baggage department
  • Still remembers the smell of the Microsoft QuickBASIC manual – his first foray into computer programming

Andrew Sieja is the CEO of kCura. He founded it as a software consultancy in February 2001 and successfully pivoted it into a fast-growing enterprise software company in 2007. Andrew loves technology, is a computer programmer by trade, and prior to starting kCura has worked as a technologist for a variety of multi-nationals and consulting firms. As CEO, Andrew has five key goals for kCura: offer a great product, provide relentless customer support, ensure team members love their jobs, positively impact the community, and grow to be a great software company.

Jason Ream

Chief Financial Officer

Fun Facts
  • Taught math and physics to high school students right out of college
  • Is an ardent music lover and an aspiring DJ (though self-admittedly still needs some practice)
  • Usually wears ostrich cowboy boots and sometimes a Stetson on the weekend

Joining the kCura team in 2016, Jason brings 20 years of experience in finance and technology to the role of chief financial officer. He is responsible for leading core internal operations and guiding the company as we scale. Before coming to kCura, Jason led finance and strategy as CFO of SolarWinds, and supported the growth and innovation of software companies through investment banking roles at J.P. Morgan, UBS, and Credit Suisse First Boston. Jason received his A.B. in Mathematics from Amherst College.

Perry Marchant

Vice President of Engineering

Fun Facts
  • His first computer was a Commodore 16. It didn’t have a modem port, but it did have BASIC 3.5
  • A certified Divemaster, Perry enjoys sailing
  • Watched the first inning of a Cubs game from the owner’s box—accidentally

As vice president of engineering, Perry helps guide the evolving design and functionality of Relativity. He enjoys helping his team solve interesting and complex technical challenges, allowing them to build their careers and strengthen the software all at once. He joined kCura in 2010 as a senior software engineer. Perry received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Brooklyn College in 1994. Previously, he helped develop industry-leading security solutions for Symantec and McAfee, and served as a technical consultant for several Fortune 500 companies.

Nick Robertson

Chief Operating Officer

Fun Facts
  • Has four kids whose names are rooted in American music—Townes, Rosalee, Chet, and Nick Jr.
  • Once made a living in fly fishing
  • Avid trail runner

Nick is an e-discovery veteran with over 13 years of industry experience in customer-facing roles. A member of the kCura team since 2007, he leads the customer group at kCura. In this role, he works closely with marketing, sales, and customer support and success to deliver an exceptional experience for the global Relativity community. Prior to kCura, Nick worked as a senior solutions consultant for Encore Discovery Solutions and served as vice president of technical services for Forensicon, a Chicago-based computer forensics firm providing investigative services in the areas of fraud and white-collar crime.

Lisa Arthur

Chief Marketing Officer

Fun Facts
  • Began her marketing career as the Easter Bunny
  • Drove her own dog-sled in Alaska with a guide and former Iditarod racer
  • Played the female lead in the comedic play, The Nerd

Lisa joined kCura in 2016 as chief marketing officer. She leads the marketing team, marketing strategy, and helps us communicate our vision and mission to the world. Before kCura, Lisa spent five years as CMO, Teradata Applications, where she led divisional strategy, positioning, global brand awareness, and demand generation. She has more than 30 years of marketing experience in the enterprise software industry, and previously held marketing leadership roles at Oracle, Akamai Technologies, and Aprimo. Lisa is also the author of Big Data Marketing: How to Engage Customers to Drive Value.

Fred Hehl

Worldwide Vice President of Sales

Fun Facts
  • Played professional beach volleyball after graduating from college
  • Avid movie buff with a habit of quoting lines from favorite films
  • Lived in Munich with his family and traveled throughout Europe

Fred joined the kCura team in 2017 as worldwide vice president of sales. He is a 19-year veteran of PTC, where he oversaw the company’s growth into an enterprise-level solutions provider. Fred brings that experience leading high-performing teams in transformational environments to kCura. He oversaw transitions from on-premises to SaaS at both PTC and BMC and has solid channel and international sales experience, including an EMEA posting in Munich. Fred received his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Albion College.

George Orr

Vice President of Customer Success and Support

Fun Facts
  • Has seen Pearl Jam in concert 16 times
  • Is a die-hard Chicago sports fan with season tickets to the Bulls and the Bears
  • Grew up within one block of his wife in Chicago, but didn’t run into her again until 2008

Joining the kCura team in 2007, George is the vice president of customer success and support—one of the departments responsible for the company’s customer-facing activity. Over the past few years, George has helped the team’s processes evolve from “brute-force problem-solving” to a set of polished procedures that ensures a positive customer experience every time. Prior to taking the reins of customer success and support, George worked as the messaging systems manager for Rotary International—a Chicago-based non-profit organization specializing in humanitarian funding programs. In addition to being a Relativity Certified Administrator, George also has extensive Microsoft and infrastructure training and is certified in both arenas.

Keith Lieberman

Chief Accounting Officer

Fun Facts
  • Caddied at the Indian Hill Country Club—the club featured in Caddyshack
  • Early in his career, took a three-month sabbatical to raise money for United Way
  • Has a punctual family, as both of his children were born on their due dates

Keith, who joined the kCura team in 2013, is an Illinois native, but spent 1990-2012 working and living throughout Georgia, Texas, and Massachusetts. He made his return to the Midwest through kCura, where—to put it in his words—he “supports all of kCura by driving the core values of kCura throughout kCura.” A CPA since 1985, Keith boasts a long history of managing financial operations, including serving seven years as the CFO of Encore Discovery Solutions-a company that provides tools for ESI processing and hosting.

Dorie Blesoff

Chief People Officer

Fun Facts
  • Spent her early summers in Texas working with cattle on her uncle’s ranch
  • Writes and performs original music for the voice, guitar, and piano
  • Is the fifth generation of oldest daughters; her new granddaughter is the seventh

Prior to assuming the role of chief people officer, Dorie worked as a consultant for kCura. She has helped to implement various development initiatives across the company, including our internal education program, kCura U. As chief people officer, Dorie works closely with the human resources department to help create a stronger platform for recruiting employees and growing their skills, while also continuing to make kCura a great place to work. Dorie serves as an adjunct professor in the Learning & Organizational Change degree programs in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University—a role for which she received the Outstanding Professor award in 2008. She graduated from Loyola University in 1995 with a master’s in organizational development.

Bill Lederer

Chief Security Officer

Fun Facts
  • Grew up on a dryland wheat farm in Montana
  • Started school in a two-room schoolhouse
  • Has been a ham radio operator since he was 13

Bill joined kCura in 2015, leading a team dedicated to maintaining secure virtual environments for our customers and our employees. Before bringing decades of security expertise to kCura, Bill worked at Matasano as a security consultant and ran his own independent consultancy. In those roles, he worked with Fortune 500 companies and large organizations around the globe, solving complex security challenges. Bill is an alumnus of Northwestern University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.