We strive to be a great software company where team members are excited to come to work—and have the support they need to bring their best.

We Like What We Do

We sweat the small stuff and are detail-oriented. We’re tech and business geeks who love to solve challenging problems that move our business forward, while providing relentless customer support.

We like what we do

The Green Couch

The green couch in our reception area says it best. It was purchased by our founders in kCura’s early days and has served as a bed, a break room, a waiting room, a think tank, and an intern’s desk. To learn more about the green couch and our roots, check out this feature story in the Chicago Tribune.

The Green Couch

Company Events
Employee get-togethers foster a cohesive team while allowing a connection between work and personal life. Events include monthly staff luncheons, volunteer opportunities, and chili cook-offs. Check out our 2016 yearbook for more details.

Educational Opportunities

We are a learning organization. Employees receive annual training stipends to learn new skills related to their roles, and our onboarding and continuing education program—kCura U—was created solely for the development of our employees.

Educational Opportunities

Great Equipment
We ensure all employees have the necessary tools to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We offer gear such as iPads, laptops, phones, and multiple computer monitors to employees at no cost to them.

Great Equipment

Comprehensive Benefit Package

In the United States, our health insurance package includes medical PPO, dental, prescription, and vision coverage, as well as life and disability benefits—and we provide healthcare coverage for each employee at a minimal cost and contribute significantly toward the cost of insuring eligible dependents. With 18 days of paid time off and 11 paid holidays every year, our team has no shortage of vacation time, and our 401k retirement plan provides employees with the ability to make pre-tax contributions, with company-matching funds, for optimal tax-deferred growth. Feel free to ask about our non-US benefits if you want to join us at one of our international offices.

Awards and Recognition


kCura Earns Chicago Tribune Top 100 Places to Work


2016 Moxie Awards - Best Company Culture

2016 Timmy Awards - Best Technology Work Culture