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User groups allow members of the Relativity community to meet and share knowledge in their hometown. These groups—spun up and operated by steering committees of fellow Relativity users—are now in dozens of cities across the U.S. and UK, and have developed their own unique culture of learning and sharing best practices.

Relativity user group members include litigation support professionals, attorneys, and IT specialists, all spending some time out of the office to meet each other and members of the kCura team in a relaxed environment.

Find a user group near you and take a seat next to the other members of your community.

Relativity User Groups

Upcoming Events

6.27.17 Miami, FL – Email Threading Workflows

6.29.17 Portland, OR – Tips and Tricks for Using Fact Manager

7.11.17 Pittsburgh, PA – Find the Facts: Relativity Fact Manager

7.13.17 Philadelphia, PA – Email Threading With Visualization

7.20.17 Indianapolis, IN – Creating Dashboards for Your Entire Case Lifecycle

User Group Testimonial

User groups help me improve existing Relativity workflows and give me the opportunity to meet other Relativity users and learn from their experiences.

Kate Bauer
Applications Manager, e-Discovery & Practice Solutions
Steptoe & Johnson

User Group Testimonial

Relativity’s solution specialists works with each user group’s steering committee to curate relevant topics for each meeting. Past topics have included strategies for an efficient review and best practices for Relativity Analytics.

Stan Pierson
Solution Specialist

The kCura team curates a relevant, current topic for each user group meeting. Popular user group topics in the past include strategies for an efficient review and best practices for Relativity Analytics. Take a break from your desk and accelerate your team’s e-discovery efforts by furthering your Relativity expertise at a user group.

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