Analytics and Assisted Review

Amplify your efforts with powerful technology.

Assisted Review Analytics

Unmatched Efficiency

Relativity Assisted Review lets you review data faster than ever before, with the control, flexibility, and transparency you need to do it accurately and defensibly.

Better Organization and Insight

You can use Relativity Analytics for email threading, foreign language identification, similar document grouping, near-duplicate detection, and more—helping you make sense of your data quickly.

Analytics: Assisted Review - Troutman Sanders

Relativity Analytics - Cluster Visualization

Visibility from Beginning to End

Get complete transparency throughout the life of your project. Relativity groups your data by concepts, injecting more speed and consistency into your review or investigation.

Accelerate Your e-Discovery Efforts

8 Ways to Speed Up Review with Text Analytics

Data volumes aren’t getting any smaller, but now you can handle them more efficiently than ever. Reviewers working on cases that use text analytics get through about four times as many documents as those working on cases that don’t, saving some clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in review costs.

Download this e-Book to find out eight ways text analytics can help your review teams get through more documents in less time.

Relativity Analytics e-Book

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