Analytics and Assisted Review

Amplify your efforts with powerful technology.

When you’re facing growing data volumes and tight deadlines, Relativity Analytics amplifies your e-discovery and data governance efforts with powerful text analytics technology. Bring Relativity Analytics into your workflow at any time, for any project, to follow an investigative pattern of thought and get to a focused list for review.

Relativity Analytics - Technology Assisted Review

Fully Integrated

Bring in Relativity Analytics—the only analytics toolkit optimized for Relativity—at any time in your project, from early case assessment through production.

Minimize Your Data Set

Examine the custodians, terms, and concepts important to your case to eliminate non-relevant data and save costs downstream. Learn more about Relativity ECA & Investigation.

Take an Investigative Approach

Visualize patterns in your data, explore your data in layers, and uncover trends to take action right away.

Organize and Prioritize Documents

Arrange your documents by conversation, concept, and language. Uncover similarities to control what’s brought into focus and get down to a targeted list for review.

Accelerate Review

Technology-assisted review software uses your coding decisions to make decisions on remaining documents with full transparency, backed by defensible statistics.


Need a Better Way to Review Emails?

Relativity’s email threading interface has a whole new look and feel, with interactive visualizations and modernized navigation.


Relativity's New Email Threading & eDiscovery Analytics Capabilities

Proven, Defensible Workflows

Relativity Analytics has been proven effective by hundreds of organizations and approved by courts across the globe.


The jurisprudence of e-discovery hit another milestone in February 2016 as a British court joined courts in the United States and Ireland in approving the use of technology-assisted review (TAR) in litigation.

Case Law Update: UK Joins US and Ireland in Approving Technology Assisted Review




Reviewers working on cases that use text analytics get through about four times as many documents as those working on cases that don’t, saving some clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in review costs.

Download this e-book to find out eight ways text analytics can help your review teams get through more documents in less time.

Accelerate Your e-Discovery Efforts: Analytics e-Book on eDiscovery Analytics


Data Visualization & Analysis Made Easy

Pick what data you want to see—and where and how you want to see it—so you can get to the facts faster.

Target the Documents that Matter

Display your data as a map of conceptually similar documents and visualize any metadata or coding field to dig into the substance of a case.

Stay Focused

Investigate your data in layers, drilling into key groups of documents to quickly see all highly related clusters.

See Where Concepts and Work Product Intersect

Overlay metadata and coding information on top of clusters to uncover patterns in your data or gaps in your analysis.

Get the Full Story Behind an Email Thread

Use unique visualizations to gain more clarity and insight into a conversation and confidently code complicated email threads.

Cluster Data Visualization & Computer Assisted Review

Cluster Data Visualization & Computer Assisted Review



Investigate and review data faster than ever with the control and flexibility you need to do it accurately and defensibly.

Find What Works

Use multiple features simultaneously or focus on the few that make a difference for the unique needs of each case.

Use It When You Need It

Turn to Analytics at any time throughout your project, from investigating what’s there to prepping for production.


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When faced with finding hidden assets, the firm used Relativity’s email thread visualization to investigate the defendant’s financials and uphold their client’s $12 million judgment. Watch the video to learn how.

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