Work with your documents anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Workflow

Included with Relativity, Binders lets you quickly and easily share your most important documents. You can search, annotate, and prepare documents on your computer and tablet – and even offline on your iPad.

Relativity Binders - Constant Access

Tight Security

Your data in Binders is secure – it’s passcode protected and requires your Relativity credentials for access. Integration with MobileIron provides an added layer of device security and options such as remote wiping and retiring of the application.

Relativity by kCura - Products: Binders Mobile Security

On-demand Updates and Backup

Access content instantly as new binders are built or updated. All notes and annotations are backed up to Relativity, so you can view them on any supported device.

Relativity Binders - Real-time Updates and Backup

Mobility Metrics: Are Law Firms Prepared for a Portable Future?

Understand how law firms use and perceive mobile technology in the Mobility Metrics report, produced by kCura and Ari Kaplan Advisors.

The report, which gathers data from interviews with 25 law firm partners, gives insight into partners’ predictions for using mobile technology by 2020. It also includes a companion survey of litigation support directors to highlight their perspectives on mobile technology.

Mobility Metrics Study

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