Analyst Reports

Vendor Profile: kCura Pushes e-Discovery Market into the Future with the Release of RelativityOne

IDC, Published February 2017

Angela Gelnaw of IDC evaluates the impact of RelativityOne, and explores broader trends affecting the e-discovery market.

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The New Information Governance Playbook for Addressing Digital Age Threats

Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers, Published 2016

The Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers (CTRL) shares insights to help organizations recognize and address increasing cyber threats.

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Relativity Fest Opens kCura’s Playbook on e-Discovery and Partner Relationships

451 Research, Published October 2016

Considering recent product announcements at Relativity Fest, including Relativity 9.4 and a new SaaS product, Sean Doherty of 451 Research addresses kCura’s relationships and overall industry position.

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SWOT Assessment: kCura Relativity 9.3

Ovum, Published April 2016

Sue Clarke of Ovum assesses Relativity 9.3 and shares her thoughts on the software’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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kCura Acquires Content Analyst for Single-focus Delivery of Text Analytics

451 Research, Published March 2016

Sean Doherty of 451 Research assesses kCura’s purchase of Content Analyst, and the market opportunity for Relativity Analytics.

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Newly Minted kCura Looks to Dominate Corporate e-Discovery before Expanding Further

451 Research, Published December 2015

Nick Patience of 451 Research assesses kCura’s market position, and takes a deep look at the latest release—Relativity 9.3.

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Data Analytics in the Legal Community: 2015-2016 Trends

Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers, Published October 2015

Together with the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), The Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers (CTRL) evaluates the use of data analytics among in-house legal departments.

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Mobility Metrics: Are Law Firms Prepared for a Portable Future?

Ari Kaplan, Published October 2015

Technology is changing how and where law firm partners work. Read the report to understand how law firms use mobile technology today and how they predict using it in the future.

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Information Governance Initiative Annual Report 2015-2016

Information Governance Initiative, Published September 2015

Are you asking the right questions about the information that exists in your organization? The Information Governance Initiative’s annual report notes a shift in practice from foundational conversations to practical application based on a more profound understanding of information governance (IG).

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Stories in Information Governance: The IGI 2015 Benchmarking Report

Information Governance Initiative, Published May 2015

Learn from 28 Information Governance (IG) practitioners as they share their successes and shortcomings in implementing an IG strategy within their organizations.

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Webinar: Get Smart about e-Discovery and Investigations

Blue Hill Research, Published July 2015

In this on-demand webinar, David Houlihan, principal analyst for legal technology at Blue Hill Research, and Andrea Garlanger, group product manager for Review and Analytics at kCura, discuss a recent study exploring how the emergence of analytics and business intelligence technologies can support e-discovery and legal review.

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Information Governance in 2020: 2020 Vision on Information Governance

Information Governance Initiative, Published January 2015

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of Information Governance? The Information Governance Initiative polled 28 experts to get their thoughts on this question.

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Conference Review – Relativity Fest 2014: Law, Tech, and kCura’s Data-discovery Ambitions

451 Research, Published November 2014

David Horrigan, analyst and counsel at 451 Research, presents his take on Relativity Fest 2014 including: what judges see for the law of e-discovery, the roles of lawyers and technologists in e-discovery, and where he believes kCura is headed with Relativity 9.

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Anatomy of a Decision: Law Firm Selection of kCura’s Relativity e-Discovery Platform

Blue Hill Research, Published November 2014

David Houlihan of Blue Hill Research draws from the experience of four law firms to determine evaluation factors for selecting Relativity as a core attorney review and e-discovery management platform.

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Best Practices Research: 2014 North American Enterprise e-Discovery for Litigation New Product Innovation Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan, Published September 2014

Based on Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis of enterprise e-discovery solutions, kCura has been recognized with the 2014 North American New Product Innovation Leadership Award.

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2014 IGI Annual Report: Information Governance Goes to Work

Information Governance Initiative, Published August 2014

The Information Governance Initiative’s 2014 inaugural report offers a thorough introduction to information governance (IG), including definitions of concepts, survey results, and discussions of ROI.

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Thirteen Legal Hold Tools and How to Use Them

Forrester Research, Published August 2014

Forrester Research interviews thirteen legal hold providers, including kCura, to help enterprise architects understand legal hold technologies, reduce the business productivity loss that results from legal holds, and tap new sources of data to improve business processes.

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kCura’s Dual Strategy for Legal e-Discovery: An Exemplar of an Industry

451 Research, Published April 2014

David Horrigan of 451 Research analyzes kCura’s business model—in particular their dual strategy of offering both hosted software through service providers and direct licensing of Relativity.

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Predictive Coding from Theory to Practice: kCura’s Relativity Assisted Review

Enterprise Strategy Group, Published October 2012

As the adoption of predictive coding continues to increase, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) examines the market context and best practices of the technology, and how Relativity Assisted Review fits in as a leading solution.

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kCura Helps to Discover Content

Ovum, Published December 2011

Sue Clarke at Ovum takes a brief look at the growing challenges associated with retaining and reviewing large amounts of electronic data in an organization, and how Relativity Assisted Review can help.

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