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Assisted Review

When a former employee of a hospital staffing agency was accused of stealing CRM data and supplying it to a competitor, Cozen O’Connor was hired to assist the U.S Department of Justice in prosecuting the employee and filing a civil case against the complicit competing agency. Faced with an expedited trial schedule and two million documents, the firm took a bold approach—they added more documents to the mix, using relevant ones as a seed set for Relativity Assisted Review, and then Analytics features like email threading and near-duplicate detection to quickly comb through the relevant documents returned by the system. Cozen O’Connor reviewed the documents in two weeks, ultimately narrowing them to one key email that helped prove their case.

Used Relativity Analytics to find 1 key document among 2 million, and increased their settlement offer by 10 times

“Opposing counsel’s document dump could have been a huge challenge to our case, but we used Relativity Assisted Review to learn our data quickly and use it strategically— giving us an immediate upper hand in the deposition.”
David Walton


When Hogan Lovells and Control Risks took on a major global investigation in Brazil, their goal was to untangle the story behind more than 650 custodians, comprising about 225 TB of data from 2,030 data sources, while maintaining close collaboration with more than 20 different stakeholder organizations. They had 5 months to file their client’s financial statements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and knew they needed a centralized repository flexible enough to bring together a lot of different work streams, including non-electronic information, along with data analytics capabilities to help them reach the heart of the story. After collecting and imaging the data, the team put Relativity at the hub of the investigation to create a complete view of the story—cutting through irrelevant data in more than 30,000,000 documents, and prioritizing key information for the investigative team to review. The legal team quickly and accurately produced documents to multiple regulatory agencies in both the United States and Brazil, ultimately meeting their submission deadline and preventing their client from being delisted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Used Relativity to remove 11 million junk files, and centralize the investigation

“When you’re dealing with allegations of improper payments, you need to follow the money. Relativity gives us the flexibility to look across an entire universe of data and use Analytics to reveal important behavioral trends that happen between structured and unstructured data.”
Mason Pan


Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green thought they were in the clear after winning a $12 million judgment for their client, but when the defendant claimed to have no means of payment, they were tasked with locating any hidden assets. Identifying about 9 million documents from 30 different computers, Sheehan Phinney used filters in Relativity Processing and concept searching in Relativity Analytics to cull the data to 40,000 documents—a much more manageable data set for their review team of 4. Needing to form a clear picture of the defendant’s financials, the firm used email thread visualization to organize, code, and investigate several complex email threads, some with thousands of documents. The visualizations allowed Sheehan Phinney to identify key conversations and additional revenue streams, assets, and entities the defendant was using, thereby uncovering the attempt to deceive their client.

Eliminated 99% of the data, and pinpointed assets the defendant was hiding

“Email threading in Relativity is powerful because it forms the data into a cohesive story, and then visualizations help you find all the subplots and twists—it would have been near impossible for us to connect the dots in this case without it.”
Charles Stewart
Manager of Electronic Discovery Services


A corporation involved in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) and their outside counsel were struggling to meet their discovery request because of an old email archive with limited search capabilities. They hired Gulfstream Legal Group to help. Having recently upgraded to Relativity 9.5, Gulfstream pulled the documents into their ECA workspace. With Relativity’s visualizations and dashboards built into ECA, they quickly saw that the original searches had been applied incorrectly, showing that 1.1 million documents needed review. They quickly reapplied the updated searches to their dashboard and pushed the relevant documents directly to review—only 80,000 documents in the end. Subsequently, the team used email thread visualizations to compare their data to documents received from a third party and found a key email conversation that fell outside the search terms, helping to prove their defense.

Used ECA and visualizations to eliminate more than 92% of the documents for review

“The visualizations in Relativity 9.5 helped us quickly troubleshoot a searching error and identify key data the search terms missed—it was absolutely essential to our case. Plus, our client loved the transparency and control the ECA workflow provided.”
Ari Mandel
VP of Discovery Services


A Discovia client faced an investigation in Russia that involved 159 custodians and required the collection of millions of documents in English, Russian, and a variety of other eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. After deduplication, search term iteration, and junk file analysis, Discovia was able to eliminate more than 93% of the collection, but still needed an English translation prior to reviewing hundreds of thousands of foreign language documents. They turned to LSI's Translation Plug-in for Relativity to automate and optimize the translation process. The documents were translated, and the client supplied a glossary to enhance machine translation for the Russian documents, reducing the relevant Russian file count from 74,492 to just 314 documents. A light manual edit was then run over the machine translations for a quality check.

LSI's hybrid translation process cut the standard cost of translations by 65%

“Discovia supports a variety of international clients where foreign language translation is a crucial need. Through our partnership with LSI, and their integration with Relativity, we have streamlined the process for both the translation and production of those documents, saving our clients millions of dollars each year.”
John Del Piero
Vice President


Altep’s client needed to review a 5,000-document set within 24 hours, while also identifying and redacting confidential material like personal account information and Social Security Numbers. To allow their two reviewers to apply redactions more efficiently, Altep turned to Milyli’s Blackout application built on Relativity, where they used search terms and phrases to establish patterns and automate redactions in the document set. Altep then generated a detailed error report with Blackout to quality-check the redactions for accuracy, and completed the project within the timeframe without issues.

Milyli’s Blackout enabled Altep to auto-redact 55% of the documents

“Relativity’s Ecosystem helped us find a solution directly ingrained into Relativity workflows. It’s a compelling value-add for our clients.”
Judy Torres
Vice President of Information Services

ECA & Investigation

A city entity partnered with Shepherd Data Services when they needed to respond to a public records request in conjunction with a pending litigation. With a collection of 1.2M documents, Shepherd recommended using Relativity ECA and Investigation to quickly and defensibly identify relevant documents. The team used dashboard visualizations to evaluate the impact of different search terms combined with filters, enabling them to identify less than 100,000 documents for review in one week. This workflow helped guide their decision making throughout the process and cut the overall cost of the project in half.

Shepherd Data Services culled out more than 90% of the 1.2M document collection using Relativity ECA and Investigation

“We are very impressed with Relativity ECA and Investigation. Our clients now have a platform to cull documents in a way that makes sense to them, with great visuals and immediate feedback.”
Benjamin Legatt
VP of Client Consulting


Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green was hired to represent a founding member of a venture capital company in a separation compensation dispute. Dumped with 650,000 documents to review and a three-month arbitration deadline, Sheehan turned to Relativity Analytics. Using a combination of basic keyword searches, email threading, clustering, and categorization, the firm prioritized 30,000 relevant documents and identified several key emails that discredited the claims of a key witness for the venture capital firm.

Using Analytics, Sheehan eliminated 95% of the documents for review and earned a $1.2 million win for their client

“We use Relativity Analytics on every case. The combination of different features—email threading, categorization, cluster analysis—work in conjunction, often in a non-linear way, to get us the answers we’re looking for and best serve our clients.”
Charles Stewart
Manager of Electronic Discovery Services

Assisted Review

When a state agency faced potential litigation related to an agency decision, they brought in Shepherd Data Services to help their team quickly produce an administrative record. Linear review was in progress, but with 466,000 records to sort through, projected turnaround time and resource requirements exceeded time and cost limitations. Shepherd devised a new workflow—using existing work product and analytics to identify ideal relevant documents for a pre-coded seed set in Relativity Assisted Review. This seed set trained the system to make informed coding decisions, allowing the team to review half of a million records with only four reviewers in less than four days.

Switching to an Assisted Review workflow saved their customer thousands of hours of work and more than $100,000

“Beyond the speed and cost savings, we trust the Relativity Assisted Review workflow. Relativity allows us to provide our clients with more transparency into why decisions are made by the system and ensure accuracy.”
Benjamin Legatt
VP of Client Consulting

ECA & Investigation

Assisting a government agency in a contract dispute, Ballard Spahr received an overly broad collection of 2.8 million documents. The e-discovery team was challenged to eliminate most of the irrelevant documents during their ECA process, but traditional search and filter techniques resulted in too many irrelevant documents making it into review. By applying Analytics and using the new visualizations in Relativity 9.4, they were able to build a heat map that showed them where groupings of conceptually similar documents intersected with search terms, email domains, and key custodian metadata. This allowed them to quickly and confidently eliminate large numbers of documents that had keyword hits, but were otherwise irrelevant, ultimately reducing the reviewable population to 277,180 documents.

Ballard Spahr used a combination of search terms reports, Analytics, and visualizations during ECA to eliminate more than 80% of the collection

“Analytics and visualizations in Relativity make our ECA process much more effective. The dashboards provide a quick, user-friendly view of our data, allowing us to act faster on the relevant issues.”
Caroline Pollard
Manager of eDiscovery Services


A financial institution seeking to complete an internal data management review within two months consulted Inventus to assign 3,000 unfiled documents—collected over the years from acquired companies—to 400 unique contracts. Using Relativity, Inventus built one source of information on the contracts, allowing them to update the contracts while simultaneously linking all of the relevant documents, significantly escalating the efficiency and accuracy of the review.

Using Relativity cut the average review time per contract down by 75%

“Relativity’s speed and the flexibility of the platform made it the best solution for our client’s internal data management review. Building a single, comprehensive view of the contract information allowed us to quickly make connections and ensure accuracy, so our client felt confident completing the entire review in one platform.”
Rebecca Fennessy
Director of Technical Solutions

Assisted Review

A global law firm engaged elaw to provide a technology-driven solution that would enable their client to comply with a regulator’s demand for production within eight days. With a document set of 80,000—that could only be reduced to 46,000 after applying culling strategies—and a maximum review team of three, elaw devised a Relativity Assisted Review workflow that cut review time in half.

Using Relativity Assisted Review elaw saved their client more than $250,000 and ensured compliance with the regulator’s notice

“The interactive reports in Relativity Assisted Review gave our consulting team the insight needed to make quick decisions throughout the project and feel confident in our results. The client was delighted that Assisted Review delivered such a substantial saving in legal review costs.”
Monica Dunne
Director, Client Technology


Tasked with assessing a large financial institution’s liability in a money laundering investigation, Swiss FTS needed to reveal the truth surrounding more than 300 account managers and approximately 300,000 transactions. The team used Relativity to create a custodian-centric view of behaviors and relationships for a fast and flexible investigation.

Swiss FTS created an application to organize 23 million documents and help reviewers follow an investigative pattern of thought

“Relativity allowed us to shift the paradigm for how we will approach all of our investigations. We were able to build a common view to focus by account manager or issue rather than just the documents. If we had a time machine, we’d go back and do more projects this way.”
Rogier Teo
Partner of e-Discovery

Assisted Review

Taylor Wessing, defense counsel in the multi-million dollar case Pyrrho v. MWB, consulted Millnet to find an approach to e-discovery that would allow their opponents to analyze more than 3 million documents in a way that would be proportionate to the sums at issue. Both sides agreed that refining the proposed workflow and employing technology-assisted review in Relativity would be the best method. Conservative estimates say the parties stand to achieve 90 percent savings in overall document review costs.

In a precedent-setting decision, the UK High Court granted judicial approval for the use of technology-assisted review, a first in the UK

“A linear review would have been disproportionate based on the facts that were being presented, and we wanted to think of a way to conduct disclosure, while keeping everyone happy. Relativity was a logical fit for our approach, as it has established itself as the go-to e-discovery application in the UK.”
Steven England
Senior e-Discovery Advisor

Legal Hold

A large Silicon Valley-based technology company with a global network of employees retained Kilpatrick Townsend to manage a complex legal hold involving more than 100 custodians. Hold notifications needed to be sent from the tech company’s general counsel, and tailored to fit the company’s laidback and tech-savvy style. Kilpatrick used Relativity Legal Hold to create unique content and a customized process that tracked all custodian responses and follow-ups—providing automated updates to stakeholders on a regular basis.

Kilpatrick launched the first legal hold within 1 week with an automated process that saved the client thousands of dollars

“Our client was thoroughly impressed with Relativity Legal Hold’s user-friendly experience. It was easy to customize the system to their specific requirements, and the automated reporting ensured compliance with minimal effort.”
Katie King
e-Discovery Attorney

Assisted Review

A Fortune 20 healthcare company involved DTI after they were given 6 weeks to process and review 1 Terabyte of data. DTI guided lead attorneys on the case through a Relativity Assisted Review workflow to ensure the project was completed on time and under budget.

DTI used Relativity Assisted Review to target responsive documents, shaving nearly 4 months and more than $600,000 off the estimated time and cost of manual review

“Relativity Assisted Review allows us to deliver detailed statistics that prove the efficacy of the technology and process, making it easy for in-house and outside counsel to see the value. Our results have been outstanding, and our client requested Assisted Review be considered for all types of matters moving forward.”
Don McLaughlin
Senior Vice President, Knowledge Solutions


DLS Discovery was hired to identify duplicate records among two related matters. By using near-duplicate identification, they were able to classify more than 500,000 of 1 million documents as duplicates and eliminate them from review.

Cut the data set in half to save their client nearly 1,150 hours of review time

“Relativity Analytics eliminated the substantial time and cost associated with reviewing the same records a second time.”
Andrew McClary
ESI and Discovery Services Manager


Envision was asked to step in on an IP matter, which required processing, reviewing, and producing 45,000 documents with only four days remaining on a court-ordered deadline. They immediately developed a unique workflow using email threading, near-duplicate detection, categorization, and propagation that allowed them to serve up the most relevant documents to the two available reviewers and get the production out on time.

2 Reviewers were able to complete the work in 1 weekend using a customized Analytics workflow

“Because of Relativity’s flexibility, we were able to string together a few analytics features to create a customized workflow that targeted the right documents for the reviewers.”
Jonathan Smith
Chief Technology Officer


A government agency client approached CDS to help with a fraud investigation in the financial services industry. Five hundred custodians had access to a file share totaling 6 TBs of data, and custodial information was not available. Relativity’s scout feature was used collaboratively by CDS and the custodians sharing this data store to quickly and remotely analyze file names and system metadata to get the data set down and run a defensible targeted collection.

During a short four-week period, the collaborative effort between CDS and the client reduced a 22 million document data set to 100,000

“Relativity’s scout feature was critical to this project because it allowed the client to interact with the non-custodial data store in a smart way and avoid a massive processing job.”
Milton Cervantes
Director of Product Strategy


KrolLDiscovery's clients’ active workspaces contained huge volumes of data—some unnecessary for the case at hand—but it was expensive and cost-prohibitive to move non-critical data offline and then reprocess it. KrolLDiscovery built nearline—an application that helps users identify and set aside non-critical data on demand and then retrieve it on demand without reprocessing—on top of Relativity, so work product stays intact.

KrolLDiscovery's data storage costs are 50% cheaper with nearline than active storage, saving clients on overall review costs

“The extensibility of Relativity allowed KrolLDiscovery to seamlessly integrate our proprietary nearline technology right into the solution. Users benefit from the simplicity of viewing and working with nearline sets and documents right within the Nearline Tab, and the flexibility to transition data in and out of nearline with ease.”
Eric Zimmerman
Director of Client Services


Reilly Pozner LLP’s mass tort practice was exporting data out of Relativity to perform calculations for award scenarios, which was cumbersome and led to tracking and version control issues. Using the platform, they built an application that creates these scenarios and then converts Relativity data into numerical values to determine awards based on a chosen scenario. All analysis and project forecasts are performed within Relativity, so data never leaves Reilly Pozner LLP’s secure system.

Reilly Pozner LLP’s time spent during the settlement calculation went down 75%

“Building on the Relativity platform has not only greatly improved our team’s efficiency around assessing client data, but transformed the operational and administrative processes of mass tort resolution at our firm.”
Scott Shadler
IT Director


Kilpatrick Townsend was approached by a new client days before the Fourth of July weekend to complete collection, processing, review, and production of 2.5 TBs of data in a short timeframe. To meet the client’s deadlines, the firm used Relativity Processing to filter out unnecessary data and process on a rolling basis, allowing reviewers to start analyzing documents immediately while processing continued in the background. Relativity ingested more than 6.7 million files. Kilpatrick was able to exclude 3.7 million irrelevant and duplicate files during the inventory stage alone.

Using inventory during Relativity Processing reduced data volumes by more than 55% allowing the first production to be completed in 10 days

“Inventory was critical to our ability to filter irrelevant files and eliminate duplicates in the collection. Reducing the data volume significantly before publishing it to a review workspace resulted in major cost savings to our client.”
Clara Skorstad
Senior Project Manager

Assisted Review

After receiving an FTC second request regarding a potential asset sale, Evolver’s client had only four months to review 3.5 TBs of data. They estimated a linear review time of more than 62,000 hours. Instead, 34,000 documents were manually reviewed and Relativity Assisted Review was used to categorize 4.1 million records in six weeks. After the workflow was complete, more than 1.5 million documents were produced to the FTC.

Evolver saved their client more than $1 million by reducing manual review time by more than 50,000 hours

“Using Assisted Review was the only way our client was able to respond to the request within the given timeframe and finalize the transaction.”
Bruce S. Markowitz
Vice President of e-Discovery

Platform and Analytics

A global financial institution—negotiating a multi-billion dollar sale of holdings—used Reed Smith’s litigation technology services team to analyze tens of thousands of contracts to determine the restrictions and obligations that would require consent from the contracted parties. With nearly 300 stakeholders across 33 countries, they built an application on Relativity to track the status of consent from required parties, and used analytics to group and manage similar types of consent requirements in one place.

Reed Smith completed the project in 1 month and successfully closed the deal

“With Relativity, we were able to clear all the contracts and finalize a multi-billion dollar deal in one month instead of six. Combining our innovation with a flexible and customizable solution helped us exceed the expectations of our client.”
Sharri Wilner
Litigation Technology Services Coordinator

Assisted Review

A telecom client was in the process of a merger, facing a second request that required them to quickly provide additional documents to the U.S. DOJ in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Compliance developed an Assisted Review workflow to efficiently review the documents in the allotted time, and Relativity Assisted Review provided the level of process transparency the U.S. DOJ needed.

Compliance tackled 1.2 million documents in a 60-day second request timeline

“With Relativity Assisted Review, we were able to design a workflow to successfully meet the second request deadline, while fulfilling all parties’ concerns and needs – the client’s, the DOJ’s, and outside counsel’s – allowing us to cut costs and achieve efficient results.”
Kevin Clark
Senior Vice President of Consulting


To migrate more than 200 cases to Relativity as soon as possible, Jackson Walker took advantage of Relativity’s open platform and built an application to handle the migration.

1.5 TBs of data were migrated in two weeks

“The flexibility of Relativity’s platform, combined with our internal team of developers, helped us accelerate the migration and get our cases up and running faster.”
Duane Lites
Director of Litigation Support


Troutman Sanders wanted to reduce the manual effort of gathering information from various sources and providing that information in regular status updates to clients. They built SynQ—a custom application built on Relativity that connects with multiple data sources, pulls the data, and automatically aggregates it to provide a complete picture of all information.

Troutman Sanders saves 1000+ hours not having to manually gather the information needed to create reports for hundreds of clients

“SynQ is saving our team and attorneys thousands of hours by automating searches, analysis, reporting, and other activities. Because Relativity can be customized to solve unique problems, we were able to create the SynQ application at a low cost and save our firm and clients a significant amount of time and money.”
Chris Haley
Director of Legal Technology

Legal Hold

A large financial institution approached KrolLDiscovery to help with an ongoing legal hold and legacy data issue dating back to 2008. The legal holds were not effectively issued or managed, so they chose Relativity Legal Hold to get the project back on track. Using Relativity, KrolLDiscovery was able to import legacy contacts, create custom fields to document historical contacts, attach previously issued legal holds, and pull organized reports about the project.

KrolLDiscovery quickly imported legacy data to easily issue 5 legal holds containing 220 custodians

“Customizing Relativity Legal Hold to fit this particular legacy case was crucial to getting the project up and running again quickly and efficiently. We completely removed the burden from in-house counsel and IT.”
Eric Zimmerman
Director of Client Services

Legal Hold

Unified had less than one month to locate, collect, and produce documents for a large project with a major supermarket client. They needed a legal hold solution that was easy to use and would ensure that all custodians would be notified quickly.

In 24 hours, Unified installed Relativity Legal Hold, ultimately identifying and collecting 200 GB of relevant data by the deadline

“Relativity Legal Hold worked like a dream. We were able to quickly issue the hold and easily manage the responses—pinpointing the right data for our client with ease. What took us weeks with our previous solution took less than a day with Relativity.”
Paul Mankoo


NightOwl Discovery needed a solution to provide real-time operational and administrative data about cases across their global operations. After evaluating and dismissing third-party products that would've cost $40 thousand annually, they developed a custom application in Relativity named Mission Control.

Mission Control tracks 417 unique project details and has reduced email communication regarding projects by 80%

“The ability to develop and integrate a content-rich tracking system directly into Relativity has been vital to the growth of our operational teams. Mission Control has allowed us to streamline our processes, improve our quality controls, and even redevelop some of our training programs.”
Dean Anderson
Director of Discovery Services


Jones Walker handled the due diligence review of a 1.5 billion dollar merger of the country's top two death care providers. Before the merger could be finalized, the firm was called upon to substantially comply with an FTC second request that involved more than 25 review specifications and asked for written responses along with their production within 60 days.

Jones Walker collected, reviewed, and produced 3 TBs of data by the deadline

“With custom tagging workflows and clustering, we were able to get the data prioritized, reviewed, produced, and QCed by the deadline. We couldn't be happier with how Relativity performed during this tight turnaround time.”
R.P. Smith
Practice Support Manager


DTI hosted 70+ law suits-comprised of more than 45 million documents and 40 TBs of data—in a single repository, producing them all in Relativity without leaving the system.

In one single production, DTI produced 7.7 million pages living in 700,000 records

“As we continued to push more data through Relativity, we were impressed with the scalability of the system. We saved our client's time and money by hosting the review and producing right out of Relativity.”
Sandy Nace
Client Development Director

Assisted Review

When faced with a financial investigation with an immediate auditor deadline, law firm Thompson & Knight turned to Inventus to help them quickly prioritize the most relevant documents—over the span of a single weekend—and then complete a full review.

In the end, the team reviewed just 2.5% of 1.8 million documents thanks to Assisted Review

“Assisted Review helped us quickly identify relevant documents and categorize hot documents that needed immediate attention. It provided immense value in an incredibly short period of time.”
Alex Jacobs
Senior Discovery Consultant

Assisted Review

Involved in a contract dispute, iDS needed to review 6 million documents, including several diverse file types. The U.S. DOJ requested they use computer-assisted review.

iDS saved $4 million and 6-12 months in review time

“With Relativity, we can create outstanding reports, adjust workflows easily, and dig into specific documents quickly—it’s very functional and insightful. It’s not just our review tool—it’s our platform.”
Louis Martin
Senior Manager


An internal investigation spanning 18 months and 23 email accounts yielded 3.6 million documents for review. Email threading, targeted searches, and de-duplication allowed the Simmons & Simmons team to save 350 work-days.

£263,000 saved on review

“By embedding Relativity throughout our processes and changing the way we deploy our team, we’ve been able to provide more efficient and reliable e-disclosure services and significant financial savings for our clients. ”
Caroline Hunter-Yeats
Lead Partner of Practice Support


Looking to eliminate inefficiencies in processing and get their clients to review as quickly as possible, Troutman Sanders tested Relativity Processing and two other leading solutions.

Found Relativity to be 2x faster end-to-end with more accurate metadata and extracted text

“Relativity Processing is significantly faster at making data available for review than other systems. What used to take us 4 hours and 100 clicks to process, now only takes us 2 hours and a dozen clicks in Relativity.”
Chris Haley
Director of Litigation Technology


As an Am Law 200 firm dealing with a wide variety of cases, Robinson + Cole needed a software solution that would streamline their e-discovery practice and allow them to go from processing to review faster.

Processed 1.9 million records and had them ready for review within 3 days

“With Relativity’s processing, we can get our data into review right away. The speed to getting to the review stage is a tremendous advantage to us.”
Adam Anderson
Litigation Systems Engineer


The EPA needed an easy-to-use tool to help them create a consistent and repeatable approach to FOIA requests. By assembling an e-discovery workgroup and leveraging Relativity, the agency has been able to lower costs, reduce risks, and speed up their processes.

uses Relativity to help respond to 10,000+ FOIA requests per year

“The EPA relies on Relativity to build a consistent set of e-discovery practices across the agency and efficiently produce information for FOIA requests. ”
“As FOIA requests surge, EPA readies e-discovery toolkit”


Ricoh realized clients needed a reliable way to independently access important documents wherever and whenever they were needed. Using Relativity Binders, attorneys were able to browse, search, annotate, and send the latest versions of important case documents through their iPads.

receive last-minute document updates anywhere

“When a partner is too busy to find a case document, an associate can grab it and send it to the partner’s iPad app, where it can be emailed or printed. Our clients think that’s pretty cool.”
Vincent Liu
Senior Project Manager


NightOwl Discovery supported a securities litigation matter comprised of 13.9 million documents from 67 defendants, spanning 8.8 TBs of data. The court ordered that a large set of documents be produced in 30 days.

NightOwl Discovery produced 36.3 million pages of documents within the court-ordered time frame

“We're able to guide our clients through the most difficult situations with Relativity. Even when the tightest deadlines are placed on us, Relativity is agile and flexible enough to deliver for our clients when they need it most.”
Dean Anderson
Director of Discovery Services


A global firm tapped their own litigation support team to create a custom, easy-to-use project management application in Relativity.

15+ productivity-enhancing apps created in-house

“These supplementary software functions have created new roles for litigation support, while improving attorney workflows throughout Thompson & Knight.”
Danny Thankachan
Litigation Support Manager and e-Discovery Consultant

Assisted Review

When the U.S. Department of Justice investigated the Anheuser-Busch InBev merger, McDermott Will & Emery was called upon to review millions of documents that could be relevant to DOJ's requests for information.

Assisted Review saved their client over $2 million

“The DOJ recognized that computer-assisted review could mean smaller productions with better quality information.”
Martha Louks
Discovery Consultant

Assisted Review

Law In Order’s client was involved in litigation over an environmental matter. One lawyer, working with an independent consultant, was assigned to review the 778 GB of data collected for the case.

5,065 documents reviewed per hour

“This matter is a great example of the efficiency and cost savings realized by the use of Assisted Review.”
Murali Baddula
Head of eDiscovery


Challenged with rolling data and complex file types, Bricker used Relativity Processing, which reduced error resolution that formerly took 2 hours to 20 minutes, and allowed the team to begin review within an hour.

saved an estimated 40 hours of processing time

“Relativity is a mature product that is reliable, quick, and enables us to avoid exporting, reimporting, and worrying about duplicate copies of documents.”
David Hasman
Litigation Support Manager


Seyfarth Shaw was managing the review of an entire state government's data for a complicated construction matter. The data was messy, but Seyfarth created a custom tagging workflow in Relativity to review the data for relevance while sorting it into folders on the state's servers for an information governance project.

200 GB reviewed and organized simultaneously

“We used Relativity to kill two birds with one stone. We didn’t just facilitate an efficient review of data—we gave our client a better way to navigate it after litigation, establishing a strong information governance framework.”
Rick Lutkus


Dickinson Wright received a court-appointed deadline of 28 days to process, review, and produce the responsive documents from two hard drives—a total of 232,350 records.

from collection to review in 32 hrs

“Being able to publish documents directly into our review workspace cut out four or five major steps that typically slow us down.”
Kim Fisher
Practice Support Manager


Womble Carlyle built and implemented a custom case management application within a Relativity workspace, allowing attorneys to access information about key people, chronologies, legal work product, issues, pleadings, and facts under one tab.

All important case information visible on a single page

“Our custom case management application brings all elements of a case into one tab in Relativity, helping our attorneys save time when working on even the most complex matters.”
Dave Mazza


Frustrated by technical complications, over-inclusive collections, and difficulty reaching remote custodians, Drinker Biddle & Reath wanted a better solution. Relativity Collection eliminated their hurdles and helped them work faster.

1.8 million files analyzed before collection in just 20 minutes

“What I love about Relativity Collection is that any user or custodian in the world can work in this application and understand what they need to do. It's incredibly easy to use.”
Bennett Borden
Partner, Co-chair of the Information Governance and e-Discovery Group


Facing growing data volumes, the Foley & Lardner team wanted to reduce their processing time of 48 minutes per gigabyte of data.

cut processing time by 50%

“After a Relativity Processing job, our data is immediately ready to review. That saves us a lot of time and gets data to our clients more quickly and cheaply.”
Jim Desing
Litigation Support Operations Manager


Oasis wanted to move away from multiple processing applications, while still meeting the needs of their largest and most complex projects. They were able to replace all of their legacy solutions with Relativity Processing while reducing costs and increasing performance.

25% reduction in hardware costs

“Relativity Processing has allowed us to meet the needs of our most demanding clients at a fraction of the cost. It’s now our core processing platform for all projects.”
Brandon Law


During an ongoing insurance matter, the firm received an opposing production on a Friday afternoon to be reviewed by Monday morning. A single associate new to Relativity Analytics used clustering to meet the aggressive deadline over the weekend.

94% of the documents quickly eliminated as non-responsive

“The fact that the associate was able to so quickly learn how the system works and then find exactly what he needed was outstanding.”
Brenden Curran
Litigation Support Manager

Analytics & Assisted Review

With a half-million document collection, an anticipated responsiveness rate of just 2%, and only 2.5 weeks to production, Innovative Discovery used Relativity Assisted Review and Analytics to help their clients efficiently get to the small population of relevant documents and meet their deadline.

documents to review manually reduced by 92%

“Relativity empowered the legal team to assess their case quickly, despite a large data universe and an aggressive timeline.”
Cathy Fetgatter
Vice President of Managed Review Services

Email Threading

Troutman Sanders faced a review of 742,000 documents. Of those documents, 441,362 were emails. Using email threading in Relativity, Troutman Sanders eliminated 148,329 emails with 84,224 attachments.

reduced reviewable dataset by 34%

“We're very pleased with the email threading results in Relativity. It's easy to use and a major cost savings.”
Chris Haley
Director of Litigation Technology

Assisted Review

When a single subject matter expert was faced with reviewing 500,000 documents for a medical insurance case, Dickinson Wright used Relativity Assisted Review to get through all of the material in mere hours.

$335,250 saved in review costs

“Before getting a team organized, especially for reviewing large cases, we’re making sure we talk to clients about Assisted Review.”
Kimberly D. Fisher
Practice Support Manager

Assisted Review

Working on a second request, a litigation support provider and their client faced tens of millions of documents and a deadline of just two months for production. Relativity Analytics made it possible.

23 million documents reviewed in 33 days

“Relativity Assisted Review is our go-to tool. We adjust each workflow to meet the needs of the case, but the end result is always the same—we save our clients time and money.”
Susan Stone
Director of Hosting and EDD Services

Assisted Review

In the middle of an investigation, a new custodian tripled the size of the potentially responsive data set. Relativity Assisted Review helped the team make use of previous work product to efficiently power through the new data.

documents to review manually reduced by 85%

“Relativity helped us quickly identify the non-responsive documents and saved our client hundreds of attorney hours.”
Chris O'Connor
Director of eDiscovery Strategy

Assisted Review

Challenged with overly inclusive keyword searches in a civil dispute, an e-discovery service provider used Relativity Assisted Review to cut their client’s review costs in half.

saved client over £78,500

“Relativity helped us identify documents that were directly relevant to the issues, no wasting time and money reviewing non-responsive documents.”
Emma Kettleton

Text Analytics

In a short time, Severson & Werson managed to reduce their electronic pile of 250,000 documents to 1,000 that could be immediately reviewed for depositions and trial by their most experienced attorneys.

50% reduction in review time

“If e-discovery is like panning for gold, then Relativity lets us examine the gold first without sifting through layers upon layers of sand.”
Bruce Furukawa
Technology Partner

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