Relativity Ecosystem

Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, build, and integrate applications to extend its functionality.

The Relativity Ecosystem includes integrations and customized products that were built by kCura or our community. It allows users to pick and choose the solutions that best suit their unique workflows across different stages of the e-discovery process—and solve data challenges outside e-discovery.

In addition to the solutions listed in the Relativity Ecosystem, you can use Relativity’s APIs to build your own custom Relativity applications. Or, contact one of our six Relativity Custom Development Partners, who will work with you to build your solution. Need help choosing a partner? Contact us.

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AI Platform by Veritone Legal

Veritone™ is a leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology company that enables legal teams to search and discover media files quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. The innovative Veritone Platform unlocks the power of AI-based cognitive computing to help you process, transform, and analyze unstructured audio and video in a seamless, automated matter.


Allegory is a cloud-based platform that connects all the pieces of a litigation or investigation. Allegory enables lawyers to have critical case information at their fingertips, automate everyday tasks, and deliver “more for less” to clients. Seamless integration with Relativity means you can send single documents or entire saved searches to Allegory—metadata, tags, and all—with a single click.


Arq, recipient of the Innovation Award for Best Service Provider Solution, gives organizations their very own Relativity environment for a fixed monthly fee.

  • Hosted Platform Application

Audio Discovery

Nexidia’s Audio Discovery is a phonetic-based audio and video discovery solution, delivering the fastest, most accurate, and most cost-effective review and analysis of critical audio evidence.


BatchGuru is a collection of integrated tools that extends Relativity by placing a wide range of controls in the hands of end users.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through vdiscovery.


Blackout, a Milyli product, is an automated redaction application for Relativity that automatically redacts documents based on criteria you specify. With Blackout, you can streamline your redaction workflow, while reducing time, costs, and room for error in your review.

Brainspace Discovery™*

Brainspace Discovery™* is a comprehensive analytics platform that enables users to access visual clustering, Transparent Concept Search, and near-dupe identification, all within one seamless interface.


Broadcast, by Milyli, is an application that gives Relativity Admins and users the ability to report on the information they need without ever leaving Relativity. Create custom charts on important case data—like reviewer statistics or overturn rates—using Broadcast’s securable, fully customizable dashboards.

Chat eDiscovery by Forexus

Forexus Chat eDiscovery is designed to produce distinct chat transcripts allowing efficient and rapid review of Instant Messaging Platforms like Bloomberg, Skype, Lync and many others.

Custom Application Development Services

NSerio is a software development company whose sole focus is building custom Relativity applications.

Custom Text Analytics and Machine Learning Applications develops custom text analytics, machine learning applications, and scripts, built on the Relativity platform.


Delegate is a Relativity self-administration tool that allows organizations that host Relativity to delegate simple workspace management tasks to designated groups on their clients’ teams. Delegate empowers clients to manage their own users, groups, workspaces, and matters—without compromising your security.


eDepoze is a paperless deposition software that allows attorneys to mark, introduce, and share electronic documents in real time during a deposition.

Esquify’s Reviewer Command Center™

Get a better handle on your document review performance with real-time data. Esquify’s Reviewer Command Center couples with and enhances existing Relativity data to offer insights into reviewer and team productivity, performance, and progress.


EnCase eDiscovery

Guidance Software’s EnCase eDiscovery software is a unified, in-house e-discovery solution that now integrates with Relativity and RelativityOne. Guidance Software is an internationally recognized leader in e-discovery, digital forensics, and forensic security technologies, training, and services.

Equivio Zoom

Equivio is a leading provider of analytical solutions for e-discovery. Equivio Zoom, an end-to-end e-discovery platform for predictive coding and analytics, is fully integrated within Relativity, creating a seamless, easy-to-use solution for e-discovery processing and review.


Everchron is a revolutionary case management platform for litigation and investigations. Integration with Relativity means you can seamlessly send key documents and metadata from Relativity directly to your Everchron matters.

H5 Matter Intelligence℠

No more surprises. H5 Matter Intelligence℠ is a robust dashboard application that provides real-time access to the billing and project analytics you need to make well-informed decisions by and across matters. Stay on top of matter details with real-time and projected costs, data composition, and reviewer/workspace status, with drill-down capabilities to the document level.


Heretik leverages machine learning to solve inefficiencies during legal contract review. Built on Relativity, Heretik simplifies the import process, automates contract categorization, and identifies key contract sections to save your team valuable time and resources.

Available Summer 2017.

Ipro Q

Ipro-Q integrates the processing component of Ipro Tech’s Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) platform into Relativity.

KrolLDiscovery Advanced Thread View

Today’s businesses send massive amounts of electronic communications each and every day, and the vast majority of what makes up eDiscovery data stems from these communications. But even with modern threading technology, it is often difficult to handle these communications during the review phase. Advanced Thread View – a new application available only through KrolLDiscovery – provides a simple and effective way to review communications.

KrolLDiscovery AutoRedaction

AutoRedaction greatly reduces the burden of redacting documents by automatically finding and redacting sensitive information in a Relativity workspace. The result is a faster, cheaper, and more reliable review.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through KrolLDiscovery.

KrolLDiscovery A/V Suite

KrolLDiscovery A/V Suite augments Relativity with the power of multimedia review. Visualize audio files for review and make redactions within the Relativity document viewer.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through KrolLDiscovery.

KrolLDiscovery MultiMatter Management

MultiMatter Management allows litigation managers to spot discrepancies and normalize tagging of duplicate documents across multiple Relativity workspaces. Clients with “frequent flyer” data will realize unprecedented advantages.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through KrolLDiscovery.

KrolLDiscovery PrivLog Builder

PrivLog Builder is a one-of-a-kind toolkit that saves time and dramatically improves the quality of privilege logs. PrivLog Builder simplifies field standardization, creates custom and reusable log templates, and has full integration with KrolLDiscovery’s Relativity environment.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through KrolLDiscovery.

KrolLDiscovery Vestigate

Vestigate’s patented workflow allows reviewers to identify relevant language and seamlessly bulk code other documents containing that relevant language. The result is an accelerated review that is transparent, defensible, and can save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per case.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through KrolLDiscovery.

Language Connect

Morningside’s Language Connect plug-in provides seamless and secure access to our document translation services in more than 100 languages. Instantly send multilingual files for quotes and language identification, and choose human or machine translation. Translations are fast, secure, and highly accurate. Translated files are automatically delivered back to you via Relativity.


LexInsight is an application for hiring contract attorneys for document review projects from within Relativity. Through LexInsight, employers can hire high-quality contract attorneys at a moment’s notice and at a very competitive price.

LexInsight PrivCheck

A part of LexInsight’s suite of review project management tools, PrivCheck helps users gain better insight into potentially privileged documents.

Lighthouse SmartSeries™

SmartSeries by Lighthouse eDiscovery includes EmailSmart™, PrivSmart™, RedactSmart™, and ReviewSmart™.  Through the use of its proprietary SmartSeries offerings, Lighthouse cuts clients’ ediscovery costs by effectively and efficiently reducing the volume of data subject to review and automating workflows to analyze, categorize, and report on both relevant and privileged data.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Lighthouse SmartSeries is only available through Lighthouse eDiscovery.

EmailSmart™ + DupSmart™

EmailSmart™ suppresses lesser-included portions of email threads and attachments to reduce the overall volume and inconsistency in data review, while DupSmart™ groups together near-duplicate documents so reviewers only have to code one version and can easily compare differences between similar emails.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through Lighthouse eDiscovery.


PrivSmart™ prioritizes first-pass privilege review and automates privilege log generation by categorizing documents into groups based on their likelihood of being privileged. In addition, it normalizes privilege log entries automatically.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through Lighthouse eDiscovery.


RedactSmart™ increases the speed and consistency with which redactions are applied, using programmable pattern recognition to complete hundreds of redactions in minutes.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through Lighthouse eDiscovery.


ReviewSmart™ is Lighthouse’s augmented technology-assisted review (TAR) solution. It pairs software solutions from Equivio technology with Relativity to cut the cost of linear review through defensible machine learning.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through Lighthouse eDiscovery.

LitSavant Conformity Engine

The LitSavant Conformity Engine is a Relativity Application that enables Relativity users to design and implement business logic within their workspaces. This business logic can be applied to documents, as well as custom and system objects. As a rules engine for Relativity, it can be used to monitor and control workflow, to provide alerts in real time, to constrain data entry, or as a component of a sophisticated Relativity Application.

LSI Translation Plug-In

LSI Translation Plugin (LTP) provides users of Relativity with seamless access to the unique translation services of Select Translation Service (STS), a patent-pending software solution designed for optimized translation of e-discovery documents.


TSD’s MaxBilling automates the billing process and streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle.


MaxMessage builds on the Message of the Day (MotD) feature to neatly enhance communications within Relativity by adding different message targets, periods, attachments, and the long-awaited message acknowledgment history.

Nuix 7

Nuix makes the world’s fastest and most advanced eDiscovery and electronic investigation software. Nuix enables litigation support vendors, law firms and corporations to take control of their eDiscovery process.


OctaveAPI provides Relativity users with a cost-effective and efficient way to quickly identify and translate relevant multilingual documents. Integrated multiple-language keyword searches, language identification, and machine and human translation capabilities make for a seamless workflow within Relativity.


OpenService, a Relativity Innovation Awards finalist, is a support application allowing Altep clients to submit service requests without ever leaving their Relativity workspaces.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through Altep.

Opus 2 Magnum

Opus 2 Magnum enables unprecedented anytime-anywhere collaboration on documents and transcripts in a cloud-based workspace.

Outpost for Relativity

Outpost for Relativity accelerates the upload, processing, and ingestion of electronically stored information (ESI). This complementary capability allows Relativity users to immediately ingest ESI directly from their desktops into Relativity.

QMobile Insight

QMobile Insight allows your legal team to review, analyze and produce mobile device data—including texts, chats and call logs—within Relativity, the same way you manage email and document reviews.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through QDiscovery.

Park IP Translations Plug-In for Relativity

The Park IP Translations Plug-In for Relativity is a unique connector technology that seamlessly integrates Relativity to Park IP’s machine and human translation resources, providing scalable and expedited delivery of quality translations as part of your existing e-discovery workflow. The multilingual e-discovery process becomes more efficient and case teams are able to review pertinent information earlier in the discovery process.

PII Finder

PII Finder quickly pinpoints personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security numbers (SSNs) and certain bank card numbers, within Microsoft Excel workbooks and points reviewers to the exact location of such critical information.


Exolution pinpoints personally identifiable information (PII) and custom regular expressions in multiple native Microsoft Excel files, allowing users to apply color-coded mass redactions. With the ability to redact cells, charts, comments, shapes, sheet names, and headers and footers, users can avoid accidental spoliation.

Relativity Archive, Restore, & Move

Relativity Archive, Restore, & Move (ARM) makes archiving and moving workspaces between Relativity installations or SQL servers easy. ARM also helps you maintain best practices for server management and recovery.

Relativity Bridge

Relativity Bridge automates the migration of cases and projects from other e-discovery software to Relativity.

Relativity Event Handler Express

Relativity Event Handler Express allows you to customize your document review workflows using a simple interface.

Relativity Integration Points

Relativity Integration Points makes it easy to automate data imports from other enterprise platforms and applications and includes built-in integration with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) enabled systems.

Relativity Performance Dashboard

Relativity Performance Dashboard helps you monitor and analyze your Relativity environment in real time.

Relativity Review Manager

Relativity Review Manager helps track and forecast the time and cost of review.

Relativity User Import App

The Relativity User Import App allows administrators to import a list of users into Relativity, which eliminates the need to manually create users through the Relativity interface.

Relativity Infrastructure Optimization

When instant, reliable access to millions of files is required 24/7, every aspect of Relativity network infrastructure (hardware, software, backups, storage, and networking) must be designed with performance and uptime in mind. George Jon offers clients a tested and proven system for building optimized Relativity infrastructure that maximizes productivity and profitability from the time of implementation.

Slack Enterprise Grid

kCura has partnered with Slack’s Enterprise Grid to help users ingest Slack message data into Relativity.
Note: This integration works with Slack's Enterprise Grid product only.

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Relay is an application built by Milyli that allows you to import documents and data directly into Relativity, eliminating the need to generate and import load files.


TIFFing Excel spreadsheets for redactions can result in unexpected pagination and formatting, and often removes plenty of the useful content present in an Excel workbook. RTK.ExcelRedact by Anexsys provides a native Excel redaction solution integrated with Relativity.


RTK.Loadfile is Anexsys’ simple-to-use utility which integrates with Relativity and provides several useful features for managing loadfiles.


RTK.Message by Anexsys allows for message data from Enterprise Chat (e.g. Bloomberg) and Social Media sources such as Facebook and Twitter to be imported, filtered and reviewed as normal Relativity documents.


RTK.Redact by Anexsys allows reviewers to save time and cost when performing redactions by enabling them to automatically propagate their redactions to duplicate documents.

Story Engine™

Utilize the advanced technologies of natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and visualization to understand the narrative of your case with NexLP’s Story Engine. Story Engine integrates seamlessly into Relativity to help lawyers, investigators, and knowledge workers quickly find the crucial facts and patterns of every case.

SYSTRAN Relativity Connector 2.0

SYSTRAN, the leading supplier of secure language translation software, has created a connector specifically for Relativity that provides a means of translating foreign language documents entirely within the Relativity system with automatic and customizable language identification and translation for over 45+ languages.


Share ideas, create projects, and exchange files—in real time, in Relativity, without the hassle of email. ThreadKM is matter-centric collaboration for legal teams and winner of the 2016 ILTA Innovative Solution Provider of the Year.


Blackdot Solutions’ Videris® is a professional investigations and research tool that helps analysts map corporate structures, find connections between networks and identify risk content in minutes. With Videris®, Relativity users can manage existing information and find new information from a variety of internet-based data all in one place.


XLerator is a time-efficient, cost-effective, and accurate integration for reviewing, redacting, and producing native Microsoft Excel files.


XpressLook reduces processing costs, and supports multiple ECA and culling workflows to increase efficiency. It puts important metrics at your fingertips, lets you examine them from multiple views, generates critical reports and drives informed decision-making early in the discovery process.

  • Hosted Platform Application – Application is only available through Advanced Discovery.