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Relativity Fact Manager

Supports Relativity versions 8.0 and above* | An earlier version of Fact Manager supports Relativity 7.0-7.5

Relativity Fact Manager assists you with case strategy and analysis throughout the various phases of litigation. It allows you to organize details of a matter, such as facts, issues, people, organizations, and documents. Fact Manager is available for download in your Relativity Application Library or on the Customer Portal.

  • Platform Application – This app can be obtained by all users.

Build Your Case from Beginning to End

With Fact Manager, you can create a case outline, define a protocol to prioritize document review, build out facts and issues during review, analyze the case, and prepare documents for deposition and trial. Fact Manager integrates with document review in Relativity, so you never have to duplicate or re-enter information at any stage of a case.

You can create new facts on the fly, and add details such as ranking, fact name, description, date, and any associated issues or organizations. During review, you can connect documents to facts, issues, people, and organizations. A timeline report provides an overview of the facts of the case and their relationships to one another over time. You can also export information into Excel or HTML, where you can view the facts of a case offline.

Benefits of Relativity Fact Manager include:

  • Seamless integration with Relativity, which reduces training and support costs
  • Customizable interface to easily incorporate Fact Manager into existing workflows
  • Easy data entry with in-line coding
  • Related entries for facts, issues, and interview questions are nested for intuitive organization of information
  • Interactive timeline-building feature
  • Ability to connect documents to facts during review
  • Export facts and issues for offline viewing

*Relativity 8.0 users must be running on Relativity 8.0.316.2 or later to install the newest version of Fact Manager. Contact to obtain the latest update for Relativity 8.0.


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