Introducing Email Thread Visualization

See how new visualizations will change the way you review and QC emails. Now available in RelativityOne and Relativity 9.5.


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A Whole New Look and Feel for Tackling Your Biggest Challenges

In Relativity 9, we focused on improving your Relativity experience, without sacrificing the usability you’ve come to expect. From your most requested ideas—including support for additional browsers—to a completely revamped user interface, Relativity 9 provides more ways to meet your e-discovery needs today and into the future.

Cross-browser, Cross-platform

Relativity 9 fully supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer,

Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Now you can conveniently access and run Relativity on a Mac or Windows machine from your favorite browser.

Relativity 9: Cross Browser Platform

Relativity 9 Zero Footprint

Zero-footprint Viewer

A new zero-footprint viewer means there are no downloads, plug-ins, or installations required to get to work in Relativity—making it easier to set up and manage. Additional benefits of the new viewer include an improved thumbnail viewer; several display modes, like a two-page view and continuous pagination; faster persistent highlighting; and the ability to publish documents to Relativity Binders directly from the viewer for quicker access to documents on the go.

Data Grid

Your case sizes are growing, and you need to push the limits of scalability. Available in limited release, Relativity Data Grid is a NoSQL data store that allows you to horizontally distribute full text and audit data across any number of servers—significantly reducing infrastructure costs, making it easier to manage large databases, and massively increasing the size of cases that can be run. Additionally, Relativity audits nearly every user action—from document views to searches to coding decisions—and Data Grid makes it easier to manage cases with billions of audits, allowing you to visualize and drill into this rich audit history to easily understand user and system activity at a glance. It’s the better way to handle big data.

Relativity 9 Data Grid

The Stack Gets Stronger

Since Relativity 8.2, we’ve added more than 120 new features across the platform to ensure your cases run more efficiently from Legal Hold through Production. Check out some of the highlights below.

Relativity 9 Collection

Legal Hold & Collection

  • You can scout and collect from Microsoft Exchange, whether deployed on-premises or as part of an Office 365 environment.
  • Scout automatically detects mapped drives—and you can scout and collect using UNC paths—for granular control over collections from network shares.
  • New reports include a scout summary report for tracking which data sources were scouted and where filtering occurred, and a targeted collection activity report to track all scout, collection, and imaging requests.
  • You can report on questionnaire responses either by question or by custodian, including responses across multiple holds.


  • End-to-end processing speeds are now 20% faster.
  • Even if records are de-duped prior to review, you can still easily view custodian and file path information for every processed file.
  • Gain more control over workers, such as the ability to create resource pools to allow different teams or users access to dedicated processing workers for their jobs.
  • Specify what types of jobs a worker can do—processing, imaging, or conversion—for more flexibility with your environment setup.
  • Take advantage of 35 new mappable fields.

Relativity 9 Processing

Review & Analytics

  • Enhanced language identification now supports 173 languages.
  • You now have the option to thread emails based exclusively on text if metadata is unavailable.
  • You now have the option to make filters static in list views.
  • Email alerts immediately notify administrators when OCR jobs have errors or when the job is complete.
  • A number of other top requested usability enhancements from the Relativity Customer Portal.

Relativty Binders


  • Integration with MobileIron provides an added layer of enterprise-level security, including remote-wipe capabilities.
  • The ability to publish documents to Binders directly from the viewer in Relativity allows you to easily add to your binders on the go.


Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, create, and integrate applications to extend its functionality. In Relativity 9, we expanded our API coverage, and made it easier for you to get started and share what you’ve built.

  • Expanded Relativity Services API Coverage The most commonly requested pieces of coverage, including saved searches, have been added.
  • Searches Added to the ADS Saved searches, dtSearches, and Analytics searches can be packaged up and deployed in any environment, even after a workspace has been created.
  • User-friendly URLs for Custom Pages You now have the option to add user-friendly URLs to custom pages, allowing you to further brand your applications—for example, with a company name—and make them easier to access and remember.
  • New Event Handler Templates New event handler templates provide you with a general structure to better guide the development of your applications.