Introducing Email Thread Visualization

See how new visualizations will change the way you review and QC emails. Now available in RelativityOne and Relativity 9.5.


Relativity 9.2

See Your Data

in a New Light

Relativity 9.2 makes e-discovery more intuitive than ever.
Interact with your data in entirely new ways.


Cluster Visualization

What Story Is Your Data Telling?

Part of Relativity Analytics, cluster visualization displays your data as a map of conceptually similar documents. Inject more speed and consistency into your review or investigation by uncovering potentially relevant clusters and related content.

Relativity 9.2 - Cluster Vizualization

Stay Focused

Whether working with all of your documents or a subset, you can investigate your data in layers with an easy-to-use interface.

See Where Concepts and Work Product Intersect

Overlay metadata and coding information on top of clusters to uncover patterns in your data or gaps in your analysis.


Change Perspective Instantly

Drill into key groups of documents and quickly see all highly related clusters.

Take Action

Tag high priority clusters to automatically batch them out to your case team for review.

Relativity 9.2 - Cluster Vizualization

Data Grid

Now Generally Available

Relativity 9.2 makes Data Grid—a NoSQL option for Relativity—generally available, so you can be far less dependent on SQL databases and infrastructure. As your case sizes grow, Data Grid horizontally distributes your full text and audit data, helping you manage large databases and increasing the size of cases that can be run.

Relativity 9.2 - Data Grid

Audit UI

Relativity audits nearly every user action—from document views to searches to coding decisions—and Data Grid allows you to make the most of that information with an intuitive user interface. Run searches on your audit history while reviewers are at work. Find out exactly what user actions and system activity took place within a certain time frame.

Audit UI

Relativity 9.2 - Data Grid for Audit

Take Advantage of the

Complete Solution in New Ways


Processing and Production

Processing and Production - Field Codes Dialog Box

More Options and Visibility

You can now choose how to handle field codes for variable information in documents during native imaging. For example, you can set a date field to display the field name itself, a field from Relativity, or nothing at all—so your document images depict the information you need to produce. Meanwhile, a new dashboard displays the status of all Relativity Processing workers and threads, presenting live details on the work being performed and links to file locations.

You can also now create a production set from multiple data sources during any stage of review—so once it’s time to run the production, you can do so with the click of a button.

Legal Hold and Collection

Relativity 9.2 - Collection

New Integrations, Better Coverage

A new connector for Relativity Legal Hold allows you to tie custodian data to any LDAP-enabled directory service such as Active Directory or your HR system, providing instant access to your most up-to-date personnel information.

Meanwhile, Relativity Collection allows you to examine and collect email directly from Gmail.



Relativity: Binders 2.0

An Effortless Mobile Experience

Getting your most important case information and documents into Relativity Binders has never been easier, as you can now mass add documents to Binders with a single click within Relativity. Additionally, the Binders iPad app interface has been reimagined to make document preparation even more productive. It’s as natural as working with paper, just a whole lot more efficient and secure.

Fact Manager

Relativity 9.2 - Fact Manager Timeline

Get Smarter about Building Your Case

Your case is more than the sum of its documents. Fact Manager helps you build your case, and now you can prepare for deposition and trial with even more flexibility. A timeline builder has expanded with new options, all the way down to color-coding options and the ability to easily drag-and-drop facts in precisely the order that makes the most sense to your case.



Make Powerful Connections

Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, create, and integrate applications to extend its functionality. In Relativity 9.2, two new applications bring next-generation automation to the platform, API coverage has expanded, and the Relativity installer has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Integration Points makes it possible to connect any third-party application with an open API to Relativity. Use the application’s streamlined setup wizard to automate and schedule data imports from other systems, or use the built-in LDAP connector to tie custodian data to Active Directory.

Relativity 9-2 - Integration points

An updated installer improves Relativity deployment, allowing you to launch the installation of Relativity through a command shell and batch multiple install scripts for distributed installation across multiple servers.

API coverage has expanded to include the ability to create and edit matters, access and manipulate the search browser window, and access and update permissions.

Event Handler Express allows you to build event handlers without technical knowledge, so you can create for yourself in minutes what previously required specialized development skills.


Ready to See Your Data