Introducing Email Thread Visualization

See how new visualizations will change the way you review and QC emails. Now available in RelativityOne and Relativity 9.5.


Relativity 9.3
Relativity 9.3

Relativity 9.3

Driven by Data,
Delivered by You

A powerful story is buried in your documents. Bring it to light with a reimagined interface in Relativity 9.3.

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Relativity 9.3
Relativity 9.3

Data Analysis Made Easy

Pick what data you want to see—and where and how you want to see it—so you can get to the facts faster.

Relativity 9.3 - e-Discovery Data Analysis Made Easy

Relativity 9.3 - e-Discovery Data Analysis Made Easy

Visualize Your Data

Turn any field of metadata or coding information into a widget to visualize your data. Search through your data by interacting with graphs and charts to automatically apply filter criteria. Need to do a more sophisticated analysis? Turn any widget into a pivot chart by combining multiple fields of data to see where information such as search terms intersects with your custodians.

A Brand New Way to Search

Combine full text searches with filter criteria on any field in your database. Drag and drop conditions into logic groups. Use a visual conditions panel to build the advanced nested searches your investigation requires without any of the complexity.

Focus on What Matters to You

De-clutter your Relativity workspace by dragging and dropping the visualization widgets and document lists you want to see, where you want to see them. Save it all as a dashboard to get going faster the next time you log in.

A Stronger Stack

From faster processing to more flexible productions, Relativity 9.3 can handle whatever you throw at it. Check out a quick demo, originally debuted in the Relativity Fest 2015 keynote.


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Get to Review Faster

Improved control and error handling boosts ESI processing performance and productivity, allowing you to keep your momentum going. A new optimized extraction option makes the discovery of Excel files 16 times faster.

Streamline Your Workflow

Processing now supports E01 files, allowing you to process forensic images directly. You can also process and extract text with multiple CJK languages simultaneously.

Process Directly into the Grid

Improve publish speeds and reduce your storage requirements by processing extracted text to Data Grid in one step.

Start Searching Instantly

You don’t have to wait while your documents are loading. Start searching in Data Grid right away, without spending time up front building or maintaining search indexes. You’ll also never have to slow down to rebuild indexes when new data comes in.

Support Larger Cases

Data Grid now scales via multiple indexes, massively increasing the number of documents you can store per case.

Productions Made Easy

A revamped production model automates complex productions, reducing the time delays and common errors that can occur when pushing productions out the door.

Relativity 9.3
Relativity 9.3

A More Powerful Platform

It just got easier to manage your environment and build something new.

For System Administrators

Automate Your Backup Strategy

We’ve introduced a job scheduler for ARM—the Relativity application for archiving, restoring, and moving workspaces—that allows you to take a fully federated back-up of your Relativity workspace on a recurring schedule. You can also now convert old DBMT archives in a single tab.

Get Insight for Better Performance

A new performance monitoring framework gives you real-time insight into the quality of your system to optimize your environment’s performance. And because it plugs into any StatsD-supported APM framework, you can incorporate Relativity metrics into your existing performance monitoring system.

Manage Current and Old Instance Settings in a Friendly UI

Previously managed in SQL, instance-wide configuration management is now an admin tab in Relativity called Instance Settings. Create, update, delete, and manage your Relativity settings, see who last modified a setting and when, and access an audit of old settings to easily revert back to those values. Configure Instance Settings to give different admin groups access to all or a subset of settings.

For Developers

Programmatically Execute Processing Jobs

We’re giving you the keys to Relativity Processing’s APIs, so you can set up an automated end-to-end processing job, from creating processing sets, custodians, and data source to programmatically executing the job.

Take Full Control with Our APIs

Relativity 9.3 introduces more publicly available APIs, allowing you to build custom applications for search construction and more robust querying of your case data, including the ability to cancel queries and report on progress.

Ready to Bring to Your Project’s Story to Light? Start by watching the Relativity 9.3 e-Discovery Webinar.

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