Introducing Email Thread Visualization

See how new visualizations will change the way you review and QC emails. Now available in RelativityOne and Relativity 9.5.


Relativity 9.4

Relativity 9.4


ECA and Investigation

Early case assessment (ECA) and investigation capabilities are fully integrated into Relativity 9.4, so you can use whatever search and analysis tools you need to quickly dig into matters, gain a holistic understanding of your data before a case begins, start culling your collection, and quickly uncover the true story behind an incident. Seamlessly move data to review as you continue to assess risk in your case.

Search Out the Evidence

Gain visibility into the size and scope of your case by quickly checking out important information about your data—such as file formats, volume, date ranges, and more—while examining custodians, search terms, and concepts. Use analytics to uncover related information by identifying near-duplicate and conceptually similar documents, ensuring you don’t miss pertinent evidence.

Powerful Analysis

Use Relativity Analytics at the onset of your matter, focusing your attention on potentially relevant items, revealing context, and prioritizing what’s most important. Use data visualizations to uncover trends. Follow an investigatory pattern to key documents, and quickly find what’s relevant.

ECA Workflow

Turn Insights into Action

Cull your data set intelligently and defensibly to save on downstream review costs. Prioritize and tag documents for review and easily organize them by conversation, concept, language, or any metadata. Save time and reuse work product by leveraging decisions such as privilege calls on previously reviewed documents.



With even more visibility into your analysis, Relativity 9.4 makes it easier to understand and interact with your data.

An Entire Project

Add cluster visualization as a widget to your dashboards, so you can have all of your data analysis tools in one view for insight on the entirety of a matter. See how concepts and themes intersect with metadata and coding information to uncover new insights about your documents and take action on what you find.

Fluid Analytics

Custom Applications

Create widgets and dashboards from more information types, including your own Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs). Custom applications can also take advantage of Relativity’s data visualization features.


Assisted Review Results

Examine and take action on your most important overturn information with the Assisted Review dashboard using our ECA software. Get improved clarity into how your project is performing with margins of error reported for recall and precision.


A Stronger Foundation for Searching, Analyzing, and Taking Action

Relativity 9.4 helps you start searching and analyzing your data sooner, and makes it easier to track information and take decisive action—all in one secure solution.

Custodian Tracking

More easily track custodian actions from Legal Hold through Collection and Processing, and consolidate audits and reports.

Legal Hold

Legal Hold offers enhanced control for system administrators to grant project and communication rights to groups of users, as well as the ability to customize all fields, views, and layouts.


Collect documents directly from Microsoft SharePoint on-premises and online in Office 365. Developers can use the new data source API to build connections to additional data sources.


Processing is 10 percent faster end to end with a 50 percent reduction in storage.

Field Creation

A new field catalog contains more than 100 commonly mapped metadata types, significantly reducing the work of preparing a new data set for review.


Production gives you more control over document placeholders, the ability to cancel a production job at any time, and additional options when numbering documents. Overall production time is reduced by 18 percent.

Data Grid

Migrating audit records from SQL to Data Grid, Relativity’s NoSQL data store, is 200 percent faster, and deleting SQL audit records is 500 percent faster.


Newly supported authentication methods include smart cards, SAML 2.0, Open ID Connect, and WS-Fed.


Relativity 9.4 | Search. Analyze. Act.

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