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Many groups in your organization—from legal to IT to HR—can use Relativity for e-discovery, internal investigations, compliance projects, information governance, and more. Reduce risk, control costs, and stay in control of your data.


Relativity can help your legal teams stay in control of your organization’s data throughout the litigation life cycle with defensible, repeatable workflows and results.

Legal Software for Corporations

Collaborate Seamlessly

Easily and more efficiently collaborate between internal teams and outside counsel—across all stages of e-discovery in a single solution.

Reduce Data Volumes

Reduce Data Volumes

Minimize the amount of data to be reviewed by gaining actionable insight starting at the earliest stages of the e-discovery process.

Be More Productive

Be More Productive

Use analytics features like computer-assisted review and email threading to amplify the efforts of your team.



Your Complete e-Discovery Solution in the Cloud

Keeping tabs on your data shouldn’t be difficult. RelativityOne can handle all of your ECA, investigatory, compliance, and litigation work in the cloud, so you can relieve some stress from your IT team and take more control of your day-to-day.

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kCura is very dedicated to the space and has great vision and innovation. While Relativity is a complex tool, using ECA made it easy by giving us a go-to, repeatable process for eliminating irrelevant documents, which saves our teams a lot of time and frustration.


Legal Operations & Litigation Manager, EA

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Corporations today struggle with large amounts of custodial data. Relativity ECA provides a straightforward way to whittle down that data so our attorneys aren’t wasting time on irrelevant information.


e-Discovery Manager

Internal Investigations, Compliance, and HR

You can be confident your most sensitive projects will run smoothly and securely inside Relativity.

Gain Data Insight

Quickly and securely identify data for collection and begin analyzing it within one integrated system.

Drill into What’s Important

Find red flags faster by using advanced analytics capabilities like clustering, categorization, and email threading.

Increase Transparency

Set up workflows and questionnaires in Relativity Legal Hold to track and report on compliance projects.

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Relativity’s community of users is an invaluable resource. I rely on feedback from rich and varied backgrounds to help me identify best practices and provide a level of validation to my business partners.


Litigation Support Manager

Information Governance and Data Remediation

Reduce Costs Using Risk Assessment Software

Lower Costs and Risk

Minimize risk and reduce unnecessary storage costs by finding and disposing of data without business value.

Keep Only What's Important for Risk Assessment

Keep Only What’s Important

Whether upgrading hardware or moving to the cloud, you can locate and remove obsolete data to reduce risk, cost, and migration time.

Support M&A

Support M&A Activities

Identify which information assets belong to which party—in a collaborative fashion with an audit trail—in support of M&A activities.


Reboot Your Information Governance Program with an Outside-In Perspective

Information governance is not just about reducing risks—it’s a valuable method for turning information into insight. Forrester Research shares how to make your IG program an asset with the right e-discovery technology.

E-Discovery Solutions for Corporations - Forrester Report


What’s Included with Your License?

24/7/365 Technical Support

24/7/365 Technical Support

Access to our support team of 100+ dedicated service professionals is always free.

Workflow Advice

Workflow Advice

Our team of litigation support and e-discovery experts is ready to help answer your most complex workflow questions.

Infrastructure Expertise

Infrastructure and Cloud Expertise

Dedicated infrastructure and cloud experts can help you optimize your on-premises infrastructure and keep your projects seamless in RelativityOne. If you’re working in RelativityOne, our team handles all system maintenance and monitoring.

Rollout Assistance

Rollout Assistance

We’ll assist you throughout the rollout process, from consulting on environment setup to helping your litigation support team design case templates for your unique workflows.

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

All on-premises Relativity license holders receive free patch releases and software upgrades, while RelativityOne customers get instant access to new features.

Relativity API

Relativity API

With complete access to our API, you’re free to integrate Relativity with other systems or extend existing capabilities.