Government Solutions

Efficiently examine data, respond quickly to FOIA requests, and perform criminal and civil investigations with confidence. The easy-to-use e-discovery platform can help you make the most of your time handling data, no matter the deadline or the size.


Relativity is an easy-to-use e-discovery platform that lets you quickly examine data and identify key issues.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Efficiently collaborate with other parties in a single solution, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Investigation Software

Tackle the Technical

Easily manage technical processes like collection and processing to begin review quickly.

Be More Productive

Use features like clustering, email threading, and near-duplicate detection to power through large datasets.

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The EPA relies on Relativity to build a consistent set of e-discovery practices across the agency and efficiently produce information for FOIA requests.

“As FOIA requests surge, EPA readies e-discovery toolkit”,


Your Complete e-Discovery Solution in the Cloud

Start and end your project in one comprehensive SaaS solution, powerful enough to meet the parameters of any matter—from FOIA requests to criminal and civil investigations.


FOIA Responses

Relativity can help your team respond quickly and accurately when faced with frequent FOIA requests, congressional inquiries, and other regulatory requirements.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Use intuitive and defensible workflows from hold through production—customized for your team or out-of-the-box—to manage compliance with transparency laws.

Dive Deeper with Analytics

Power through the investigative phase by automatically organizing information with advanced analytics to identify key issues.

Respond Rapidly

Jump straight into collecting, processing, and reviewing data in minimal time—without requiring input from IT—and build productions to meet the unique requirements of each request.

Respond Rapidly to FOIA Requests



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Relativity’s scout feature was critical to this project because it allowed the [government agency] client to interact with the non-custodial data store in a smart way and avoid a massive processing job.


Director of Product Strategy

Criminal and Civil Investigations

Every investigation or search warrant execution is different, and Relativity helps you meet the unique needs of each one with a tailored approach.

Early Insights into Criminal & Civil Investigation Management

Gain Early Insights

Quickly and securely identify data for collection and begin analyzing it within one integrated system.

Uncover What’s Important

Find what you need faster by using custom coding rules and features like clustering, categorization, and email threading.

Tailor Your Approach

For advanced investigative workflows, take advantage of Relativity’s API and third-party integrations to tackle new challenges all in one platform.


What’s Included with Your License?

24/7/365 Technical Support

24/7/365 Technical Support

Access to our support team of 100+ dedicated service professionals is always free.

Workflow Advice

Workflow Advice

Our team of litigation support and e-discovery experts is ready to help answer your most complex workflow questions.

Infrastructure Expertise

Infrastructure and Cloud Expertise

Dedicated infrastructure and cloud experts can help you optimize your on-premises infrastructure and keep your projects seamless in RelativityOne. If you’re working in RelativityOne, our team handles all system maintenance and monitoring.

Rollout Assistance

Rollout Assistance

We’ll assist you throughout the rollout process, from consulting on environment setup to helping your litigation support team design case templates for your unique workflows.

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

All on-premises Relativity license holders receive free patch releases and software upgrades, while RelativityOne customers get instant access to new features.

Relativity API

Relativity API

With complete access to our API, you’re free to integrate Relativity with other systems or extend existing capabilities.