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Built to handle day-to-day matters, as well as your largest and most complex cases with ease, Relativity helps you address the unique needs of every client—whether you’re in the office or on the go. Streamline your workflows and make the most of your time supporting each matter.


Relativity provides capabilities from legal hold through production, so you can support your clients every step of the way—no matter the size or complexity of each case.

Centralize Your Projects

Go end-to-end with your e-discovery projects in a single system.

Centralize Your Projects for Litigation Management

Be More Productive

Use analytics features like computer-assisted review and email threading to bring major efficiencies and cost savings to your clients.

Review Sooner

Get to review faster using powerful processing capabilities in an easy-to-use web interface.

Collect without Interrupting

Assess and collect custodian data with minimal disruption to your clients’ employees.

Collect without Interrupting

Build Your Own Workflows

Easily create sophisticated workflows to meet the diverse needs of your client base.

Empower Your Team

Get your review team up and running with as little as 10-15 minutes of training.

Take an Investigative Approach

Control what’s brought into focus to investigate your data in layers, uncover patterns in your data, and take action right away.

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With Relativity, we were able to clear all the contracts and finalize a multi-billion dollar deal in one month instead of six. Combining our innovation with a flexible and customizable solution helped us exceed the expectations of our client.


Litigation Technology Services Coordinator


Your Complete e-Discovery Solution in the Cloud

Log in to a comprehensive SaaS platform, flexible enough to meet the challenges you tackle for your clients every day. From regulatory or internal investigations to small and large litigation, be the firm that can handle it all.


Value-added Client Support

With Relativity, you can jump into a case to support and collaborate with your clients at any stage in the e-discovery process.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Collaborate with your client, internal teams, and service providers while keeping data in a single system.

Adapt to Changing Needs

Support your clients’ unique challenges by building custom solutions to review structured data and track important case details.

Provide Rapid Updates

Use search and reporting functionality to provide updates and insights.

Provide Rapid Updates for Litigation Management


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See how Reilly Pozner used Relativity to build an application for mass tort resolution.

2016 Data Discovery Case Law Year in Review

18 Judicial Outcomes to Know

David Horrigan, kCura’s e-discovery counsel and legal content director, serves up a comprehensive, concise analysis of 2016’s most significant cases, in the same clean format as last year.


Case Preparation

Relativity makes it easy to prepare for depositions or trial, and organize key documents.

Build Your Case from Beginning to End

Develop the story of your case by building out facts, assigning issues, and identifying key players during document review.

See Your Case Come Together

Create a chronological timeline of the facts and see the connections between facts and evidence as relevant documents are uncovered.

See Your Case Come Together - Legal Case Management

Review Documents on the Go

Code documents on your commute or couch with Relativity’s secure and native mobile app.

Sync Decisions to Relativity

Don’t worry about discrepancies between what you see on mobile and what your team sees at the office. The changes you make in the app are instantly reflected in Relativity.

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By embedding Relativity throughout our processes and changing the way we deploy our team, we’ve been able to provide more efficient and reliable e-disclosure services and significant financial savings for our clients.


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When you’re sitting on a pile of data, it can seem near impossible to get the bottom of your case. But with the right tools, you can paint a picture of everything you have, making it easier to spot trends, identify gaps in your analysis, and make quick calls on complex decisions. See how Relativity’s data visualization tools give you actionable insight.


What’s Included with Your License?

24/7/365 Technical Support

24/7/365 Technical Support

Access to our support team of 100+ dedicated service professionals is always free.

Workflow Advice

Workflow Advice

Our team of litigation support and e-discovery experts is ready to help answer your most complex workflow questions.

Infrastructure Expertise

Infrastructure and Cloud Expertise

Dedicated infrastructure and cloud experts can help you optimize your on-premises infrastructure and keep your projects seamless in RelativityOne. If you’re working in RelativityOne, our team handles all system maintenance and monitoring.

Rollout Assistance

Rollout Assistance

We’ll assist you throughout the rollout process, from consulting on environment setup to helping your litigation support team design case templates for your unique workflows.

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

All on-premises Relativity license holders receive free patch releases and software upgrades, while RelativityOne customers get instant access to new features.

Relativity API

Relativity API

With complete access to our API, you’re free to integrate Relativity with other systems or extend existing capabilities.

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